About Us

Vega is one of the largest producers of projection systems and projection optics with more than 50 years of experience in optics, mechanics and electronics manufacturing.The company derived from the Jurij Vega Optical Institute and evolved into a modern medium sized enterprise. Overhead projectors (OHPs) represent the bulk of our product range, which is supplemented by light sources, ring lights, fiber optics, various presentation equipment (trolleys & cabinets, lecterns, AV stands, projection screens, ceiling mounts…) and episcopes. Our products are present worldwide and renowned for their quality. In addition Vegas System of Quality Management is in full compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 standard.

Our products belong to the group of audio-visual equipment; more precisely we focus on the segment of presentation equipment and accessories. In this respect we offer the whole range of products needed to equip a modern presentation hall, a classroom or a conference room. Regarding the price range of our products we can of course offer a set of solutions ranging from favorable pricing and quality to upper class of customers demands that require pleasing design, undisputed quality and fair pricing. The customers of our future dealers are thus mainly in the educational sector, but private businesses and individuals are also the target of our aspirations (especially in the field of projector screens, wall and ceiling mounts). Proposed basic approach to any new market based on our experience with other business partners should thus concentrate on two basic sectors – the educational (tenders for various government programs and funds are the prime targets) and retailers of audio-visual equipment that offer a wide range of modern electronics for which accessories in the form of screens, wall and ceiling mounts and specially designed trolleys are needed.