Stand ST 100

Vega ST-100 Display Stand efficiently combines two features crucial for any successful presentation: Its two column design offers an extremely stable and robust platform needed to mount and operate even large and heavy high-performance displays. Stroke of 100 cm and the speed of 36 mm/s ensure that virtually all possible height requirements are fulfilled and that the time needed to reach the desired position of the display is minimized. Three versions (wall, mobile and free-standing) with various degrees of mobility offer a comprehensive set of solutions to suit every possible need. In addition to these amazing characteristics the ST-100 incorporates an anti-collision feature which immediately stops the motor if and when it encounters an obstacle. Efficient cable management is implemented with the help of a robust plastic chain. Safety characteristics are complimented by ease of use (with programmable remote control that enables the user to set the maximum and minimum position of the mount) and practicality since mini PC and other devices can be safely stored inside the locker and easily connected to the TV.