OHP Accessories

MP-4 projection device can be used for displaying biological, chemistry or other microscope ready specimens on a projection screen or wall to larger audience e.g. in schools or other lecturing and seminars areas. Also vintage slide pictures can be easily displayed. Due to traditional and widespread use of overhead projectors MP-4 is very elegant and price favorable solution.

Foils and markers are material which enables  images to came to life in front your eyes. Different types of foils enables usage of markers, ink jet or laser printers and other appliances.

With Laser pointers pointing on desired point or area will no longer be a problem. With its long reach pointing is possible even from most distant corners of classroom.

Spare lamps are necessary for maintenance of OHP. Projectors with lamp changer already have inbuilt spare lamp. For others we suggest to keep always one on stock. Remember to cool down the OHP before lamp replacement!