AV Cabinets

Plenty of storage and shelf space for DVP, OHPs, laptops, PCs etc. Shelves are movable. Openings at the front and back. Doors at the back you can only open when the cabinet is unlocked and open (due to safety  reasons). Lifting mechanism  allows permanent fixture of DVP. Pull-out-shelf  offers comfortable work surface for keyboard. Extra pull-out-drawer makes storing of office accessories easy. Built-in five-part power socket makes possible simultaneous connection of all equipment. Supplied 5-meter cable with roller and outer power socket. Cabinet stability is ensured by a metal frame, 1,8 cm wide sides and the bottom of the cabinet. Gas springs ensure safe and convenient opening and closing of the lid. Rubberized wheels ensure easy transportation of the cabinet. Central-locking system efficiently secures equipment from theft, while an extra metal band makes chaining of the cabinet possible. There is a possibility of “cable lock” within the cabinet.